Charlie Comstock(non-registered)
Hi Fran....Such a treat to meet you today and what fun to learn of your journey through the world of photography!!!!
Steve Nosanchuk(non-registered)
Was thinking about you, and just thought I'd sell hello to an old friend. My best to you and your family!
Your work still ROCKS!
Beautiful work!
Great work, never stop!
I admire your work, you are very talented photographer :)
I can not stop looking at the photos from the Mountain Dogs of Colorado album.
You have a great gift for photographing animals :)
Senso Duo(non-registered)
Hey Fran! I hope you enjoyed your time at St. Mary’s. I have been there couple of times. It is a beautiful place. Anyway, I love your works. It is amazing. I guess I have checked out all the photos. In my opinion I enjoyed your work with the dogs the most.
Senso Duo(non-registered)
Very beautiful work. Hope you have enjoyed your time in St. Marys Ga.
Walter Pistor(non-registered)
Great pictures with appropriate music!
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